Welcome to AYU Sunless tanning blog – we are so glad you have found us, now  please make sure and stop by often. This is more than just a great spot to find out latest news form AYU Sunless. We want to make this as an e-zine to help you out with finding a good sunless tanning and pre and post care products for your spa , tanning salon or mobile  sunless tanning, , we will also find a way to create post about how you can start sunless tanning business and share some of our other favorite website, tips and recipes for perfect sunless tanning and spa treatments. it should be a fun ride!

Sunless tanning industry is revolutionizing how people used to look at fake tan , there are  some details using self tanners to achieve perfect bronze glow , once you figure out what product works and how they works it will be easy breeze , We will be more then happy to help with any questions you may have.

Are you looking for creating your own sunless tanning and related products, you have come to the right place just email us and we will help you step by step to  creating product that is innovative, using knowledge from cosmetic science with technology and ingredients  and as much possible botanicals and plant base ingredients.

Here is what we can offer you

  • Knowledge about AYU products.
  • Ingredients used in Sunless tanners
  • Private labels choice
  • Customizing products to suite your spa or your business
  • How to use product to achieve finest result
  • Wholesale sunless tanners and spa treatment
  • Back bar products.

So come on in and join us and rest assure we will update this blog with news and updates. benefits of truly innovative  cosmetic formulation .

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