Yes or No to Prep Spray?

Let’s talk about a controversial product sometimes used as part of the sunless tanning session – does one use a prep spray or not?

Here is my opinion regarding this question:

Prep spray is an essential product for spray technicians. It helps to ensure that your client’s skin is clean and you have a smooth skin surface to work with and this will help stop solutions from beading on the skin and also helps the solution to adhere well so that application is even and smooth.

After saying that, let me say that the pre tan prep spray does not replace manual exfoliation because manual exfoliation is a most necessary step in sunless tanning sessions to promote a long lasting and even fading sunless tan.

Now, your question is “so my client has all ready exfoliated well, do I still need to go through with prep spray?” Here you have a choice, if client says they have not applied any lotion, make up, deodorant then you can omit the step but if they said that they exfoliated the day before, went to work and used the different products on the skin, you would want to go ahead and use the prep spray, just to make the skin surface clean.

Pre tan Prep Spray I also hear from time to time clients asking whether prep spray balances the skin’s pH. My response is that I don’t think any product applied topically on the skin balances the skins pH but it becomes a buffer for the skin. Let me explain a little better – mostly DHA solution have a pH range of 3.0 to 4.5 for proper development of tan color and our skin’s pH is between 5.5 to 6, so what prep spray does is to help the skin adjust faster to the solution pH while you being sprayed with DHA solution.

Just recently one of my phone calls was about asking if they can use lemon juice in the jug of water and apply that as a prep spray? NO, please because that mix can irritate your skin and will make you very sensitive to sun. As a result, if you have any plans on going outside after your sunless session where they have used a lemon water mix on your skin, you can do more harm than good. Please always try and use professional products for any type of skin treatment you offer. Prep sprays are not lemon water – check out ingredients on a few of them, we also do not recommend that you need isopropyl alcohol or SD-alcohol in prep spray.

How you can use prep spray?

TO USE: Apply with any spray equipment or spray bottle and wash cloth. Allow it to dry before the spray tanning session.

Always keep  this in mind: prep sprays are for external use only, if accidentally introduced into the eye, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.  has a prep spray called secret success …click on the image to locate the product.

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