Rapid Tan That Works!

Rapid Tan =  Celerity Tanning Solution

Rapid Tan from ayusunless.com

We are pleased to see that Celerity Tan has become very popular in such a short time. We  launched the product in early March but wow, we have been so pleased at the response! If you have not given this solution a test-drive yet I suggest that you please drop by our sample page and order samples of Celerity Tan.

What is Celerity Tan? celerity means rapid so this is ayu’s version of rapid tan. Formulated with self tanning active ingredient DHA synergistically blended with unique amino acids and anti-oxidants that help to accelerate the browning reaction – not only that but it also closely replicates the tone of the natural tan.

Why is this better for you and your clients?

You as a technician now have the opportunity to help out clients who are looking to get a last minute tan but don’t have 6 to 8 hours to wait, for example someone is going dancing and going to  be very active and doesn’t want to take a chance on sweating off the bronzer, Celerity Tan will work for that, they can jump in the shower rinse off  the color guide, gently dry and get dressed and in  1, 2 or 3 hours, you can see that the tan has already started even after you completely rinsed off the product!

Why take my word for this? We are offering a sample of Celerity Tan so try it yourself!

Click here to go to our sample page

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