Beautifying your Knees, Ankles and Elbows before Spray Tanning :

This may be a strange title for my blog, but this step is really necessary because these areas can become super dark and orange and becomes a tell tail sign of spray tanning.

Most all of us suffer from dry skin around these areas on a regular basis and when you spray tan this becomes a huge problem. This is because these areas will absorb more DHA ( the active ingredient that  gives skin a tan color) and the result is a dark color or orange appearing on the elbows, knees and ankles. I would like to suggest a few tips that you can do every day for smooth, soft elbows, knees and ankles.

1)  Get into the habit of regularly exfoliating these areas with fine grain sugar scrubs. Look for scrubs that are rich in botanicals, oils and butters like Cocoa or Shea Butter. Wet your skin and apply gently in a circular motion. Do not use force because it can scratch or tear the skin then rinse off with warm water. This will help to soften these areas. After doing that apply a rich moisturizer like body butter. This daily 5 minute ritual will help keep these areas soft and hydrated in preparation for your tan.

2) Warm baths with some good bath oil or bath salt will do wonders. Just be sure to apply a little lemon juice and oil to those areas before you get in to the tub. Lemon juice will help to exfoliate and oil will help to keep skin soft.

3) Before going to bed apply AHA or BHA cream  to these areas and that will help to exfoliate dry skin making it soft and smooth.

Only follow these tips when you are not wearing spray tan or preparing for spray tan

When you have a spray tan on you should avoid exfoliation until you are ready for the next spray tan application.

Do you have any suggestions or questions?  please leave us a comments.

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  1. Great article! Here in New England It’s super important to stay moisturized during the cold weather months if you’re going to spray tan!

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