Remedies For Oil Prone Skin

Many women struggle with controlling oily skin. On top of that, numerous over the counter products promise to minimize oil but just end up drying out your face. You would be surprised by some of the simple steps one can take to eliminate or minimize oil prone skin.

Oily Skin

1. Apply milk to your face – It has been said that milk can assist in moisturizing your face, while simultaneously not creating additional oil production. Try dipping a cotton ball in milk and applying to your face. When the milk has dried on your skin, wash it off with cold/luke-warm water.

2. Try using citrus as a natural astringent – Lemon and lime juice, citrus essential oils have been used as a natural home remedy for fighting oil prone skin. However, to avoid any irritation make sure to mix your citrus products with water or lotion.  It is best to use citrus as part of your nighttime ritual and in the morning apply sunscreen if you are planning to be in the sun as citrus can make skin photo sensitive.

3. Washing your face regularly – I know it sounds simple but washing your face two times a day is important to control oil. Keep in mind that if you wash your face too much, your skin can react by producing more oil. And when washing, try using cold/luke-warm water which has been shown effective in controlling oily skin. You don’t need to necessarily buy an organic cleanser, as not all cleansing products are bad.

4. Drink lots of water – Another simple trick that will keep your skin hydrated. Staying hydrated can help regulate your skins oil production. Drinking water helps to moisturize your body, thus sending a message to your brain that oil is no longer needed.

As always, every product works differently on each person so it’s important to remember that you may have to try several different products/natural remedies before you find the right combination for you.

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