Caveman Beauty 101

indexI recently ran into a woman with the most beautiful skin I have even seen. I had to ask her what she uses to get her complexion so gorgeous. Her reply…absolutely nothing. No face wash, no moisturizers…just warm water and a rag, twice a day. I do agree that many facial cleaners can be abrasive on the skin and cause more harm than good. But what exactly is the caveman regimen and does it work? Many believers of caveman beauty do not even scrub their face with water, they just splash water on their face and go about their day. The theory goes like this…Your skin has an “acid mantle” that develops when you hit puberty. It is a mantle that is made up of sweat and sebum that protects your body from invading bacteria. But caveman beauty followers believe we are constantly stripping our skin of this acid mantle by washing/moisturizing with abrasive facial products. The reviews of the caveman beauty regimen are mixed. Some believe it saved them from a lifetime of acne plagued skin, others believe it made their skin look dull and old looking. So although I am not completely sold on the caveman beauty method, I will tell you this…You want to be using something gentle to wash your face that has a slightly acidic properties.

**Interesting Fact** Try using salt as a facial exfoliate. Salt contains natural properties the rid your face of acne causing bacterias.


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