Vibha Makwana – Founder, President and Cosmetic Chemist

AYU Sunless – The Art and Science of naturally sourced ingredients combined with skin safe ingredients, a result of research and development to find effective materials for the modern cosmetic chemist!

AYU Sunless is a division of AYU LLC and was created by Vibha Makwana in 2003 to continue her passion for developing highly effective skin care products.

Vibha, whose career has always been in cosmetics and skin care initially wanted to use her education including an MSc to teach. However, with a young family of two boys to look after Vibha decided to concentrate on her growing family. Her separation from formulating cosmetics and skin care didn’t last long and she was soon consulting for a various cosmetic companies. This experience encouraged her to set up her own manufacturing facility and concentrate on skin care products containing various botanical materials such as herbs, plant extracts, natural oils and butters.

Born in East Africa, of Indian parents, Vibha developed an interest in the use of natural materials at an early age and to utilize materials supplied by nature whether for caring for the skin, hair or medication and cooking.

Vibha soon became popular with her friends, family and neighbors as she frequently handed out samples from her latest creations. The response that she received further encouraged her to market the products – it was almost an instant success and AYU was born!

Today, Vibha does not compromise on quality and her intention to provide the absolutely finest products available and with a service that always contains a smile – Her considerable research into sunless tanning products has resulted in flawless application and consistency of color. Her products are innovative and provide consistently favorable comments from her discerning clients.

Vibha continues to develop her sunless tanners and related products including spa products with the original concept of the name AYU which came from AYURVEDA which means simply – Science of Life.

We hope that you enjoy our products and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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  1. eric hinze says:

    thank you Vibha, i Eric, have been using your products since you opened..I started airbrushing in 2001 and quickly learned that your products were some of the best..your products have a healthy blend of nutrients for the skin and the color is amazing… Your knowledge of the airbrush process is compared to no other…thank you for supplying me with the best airbrush i can achieve ,for the last 13 years.

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